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Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky Is Not An Enemy Of Nigeria By Prof. Abdullahi Danladi

  Recently the social media went awash with the pictures of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky framed on both sides with the pictures of Nnamdi   Kan...


Recently the social media went awash with the pictures of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky framed on both sides with the pictures of Nnamdi  Kanu and Sunday Igboho. Beneath the pictures the caption “Buhari is respecting Federal Character in the fight against the enemies of Nigeria” was printed.

 Ordinarily one would have considered it as malevolent work of some dubious and mischief maker(s). However on second thought, it might require reaction at least to set the record straight and disabuse the minds of the gullible that may not be aware of the call and mission of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

First, Sheikh Zakzaky is not an enemy of Nigeria. For those who may care to know, man is created by the Almighty Allah and placed on this earth for a short period of time for the purpose of submitting and worshipping Allah and Allah alone. To that end various Prophets have come to guide mankind, the last of them is Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

Sheikh Zakzaky is a Muslim trying to leave according to the teachings of Islam. He has been calling for the establishment of divine justice and Allah’s rules in all our daily affairs. In line with the history of the Prophets and pious servants of Allah that had embarked on a similar mission, he has been subjected to various forms of coercions. In the past forty years of his call to shun evil and tyranny, he has spent over fifteen years in various prisons across the country.

The recent case of the military attack on his residence in December 2015, where over a thousand of his devotees were massacred including three of his biological children is still fresh in the history of mankind. Before then, in July 2014, thirty four of his followers were gunned down including yet another three of his biological children.

At a press conference then, he was asked what action he would take. His answer was he will apply logic and reasoning and seek redress in the appropriate manner. This is a scholar with over 25 million followers as reported by some media. Yet he appealed to his followers to always reason in their actions.

 Does this man look like an enemy of Nigeria?

He has narrated a number of times that when he was in Kirikiri prison with some president Shagari’s ministers under the infamous decree two of the unpopular regime of Buhari/Idiagon that there had been discussions on the breakup of Nigeria.

He had refused to comment initially, but when they insisted on his opinion, he said left to him, Nigeria should co-opt other neighboring countries and form a larger united country, where we can utilize our rich and different cultures and diversities.

On the issue of religious differences, he has maintained that it is not a problem so long as we respect one another’s views and opinions. The religion of Islam does not force anyone to accept and practice it. So how can such a personality calling for the unity and prosperous life be labeled as an enemy of the country.

No matter how daft one may be he can clearly differentiate between the message of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and those of Nnamdi Kanu and Sundy Igboho, so how foolish are those trying to bamboozle the message of Sheikh Zakzaky?

Buhari is fighting Sheikh Zakzaky for the crime of being a practicing Muslim cleric and calling others to shun evil and submit to Allah in all affairs of life. Zakzaky has no business being in the corridors of power nor is his faith for sale

You may not subscribe to his ideology or mission but at least be human enough to be fair in your judgment.

Professor Abdullahi Danladi

Resource Forum,

Islamic Movement in Nigeria

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