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Abuse of Power: Group Call For Removal Of Garba Dankani As Board Chairman Of National Ear Center Over

At an emergency press conference a non governmental organization, ‘Kaduna Transparency Group’ has demanded for the removal of Al...

At an emergency press conference a non governmental organization, ‘Kaduna Transparency Group’ has demanded for the removal of Alhaji Garba Dankani, the Board Chairman of National Ear Care Centre, Kaduna, in a press statement signed by the convener of the conference, Comrade Richard Austin and the co-convener, Comrade Abdulwahab Salisu. 

The press statement reads in parts "This emergency press conference has become imperative and mandatory because of the insensitivity, high handedness, abuse of power by Alh. Garba Sani Dankani, the Board Chairman of National Ear Care Centre, Kaduna.
As at today the transformation ongoing in the National Ear Care Centre, kaduna is glaring and visible even to the blind. These successes is recorded by the workaholic Medical Director in person of Dr. Mustapha Abubakar Yaro and his management team who would not stop at anything to ensure that the hospital maintains an international world standard but unfortunately, the Board Chairman – Alh. Garba Sani Dankani has sworn never to let peace and development triumph in the hospital because of his selfish interest", the statement stressed. 

The statement added that; "The Board Chairman’s abuse of power and ignorance have led him to suspend the Head of Account of the Hospital because he has denied him access to the funds of the Hospital and for not contributing financially to his political ambition to be the Governor of Katsina State during the APC Primary elections ahead of the 2019 general polls. 

"He also harassed the Medical Director and Head of Accounts that they should award contracts to some mushroom companies obviously belonging to him without following due process which the Medical Director declined as there were set standards by the Bureau of Public Procurement. He clearly stated that he was appointed Board Chairman to come and enrich himself in preparation for his Political ambition which is an abuse on the integrity of Mr President. 

"He also singlehandedly appointed an unqualified and inexperienced substantive Director of Administration without due process so as to have him be at his mercy to carry out irregularities he directs him to carry out. 
He has also attempted to suspend the Medical Director which was vehemently rejected by the Federal Ministry of Health as due process need to be followed", the statement alleges. 

"Dankani has resulted to cheap blackmail of the Medical Director by using faceless and illegitimate NGO’s through his lawyer to perpetuate his illicit act. It is unfortunate that since his assumption as Board Chairman, he has not contributed positively to the development of the Centre as he has never gone round the hospital to see the completed and ongoing projects been carried out by the Dr Mustapha led administration", the statement added.     

The group also said; "As we all know that the Board of any Institution is only mandated to supervise the affairs of the hospital and not to dabble into the daily activities and internal administration of the hospital. He (Dankani) went as bad as him effecting disposition of staff in different departments which is the statutory responsibility of the Head of Departments but due to his shallow mindedness and lack for respect for the rule of law which our able President Muhammadu Buhari stands for he wants to operate the Hospital like his personal property as such determines the existence of any staff.
His highhandedness has gone so bad that he now recruits some staff to help him sniff around information meant for the domestic use of the Internal management. This is highly not accepted and we would stand to fight this illegality carried out by this fellow". 

"Kaduna State is a home of elites and we all see how His Excellency Mal Nasiru El-Rufa’i is ensuring that peace triumph in the state but Alh. Garba Sani Dakani wants to cause chaos and instability in the hospital which can in turn affect the peace in the State.

"He has as at today suspended the Head of Accounts twice for no just reason which was done singlehandedly. This we say is not acceptable and null and void to us. National Ear Care Centre does not need an illiterate and inexperienced person like Dankani, he is a disgrace to himself. 

They therefore call on President Muhammadu Buhari and Health Ministers to investigate the appointment of Dankani; "On this note today we made the following calls to President Muhammadu Buhari and Honourable Ministers of Health (Senior and State): That Mr. President and Secretary to the Government of the Federation should investigate the appointment of Mal. Garba Dankani as Board Chairman as Hajia Hannatu Musawa was the person officially announced as the Board Chairperson by President Muhammadu Buhari.

"That Alh. Garba Sani Dankani be removed immediately for abuse of power, high handedness and disregard for the rule of law.
That the kangaroo/ illegally suspension of the Accountant, and other postings done be termed null and void and be directed to resume their respective offices with immediate effect.
That Alh. Garba Sani Dankani be banned from holding any office be it appointed or selected as his taste for power would override his sense or reasoning and judgement.

"We demand full investigation into the circumstances that led to the appointment of a level 13 officer as Director of Administration by the Board Chairman", they concluded.

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