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Let’s Uplift A Better Society - By Muhammad Umar Shehu

We are in a condition or to say a situation where parents don’t care about the activities their wards engage themselves in and t...

We are in a condition or to say a situation where parents don’t care about the activities their wards engage themselves in and this brings ample phenomena to our society. Since both good and bad people come from home so why behave like you’ve no moral upbringing.?

Family is the first agent of socialisation where parents teach and impacts very good conduct to their children but the reverse is the case in today’s societies because parents and the elderly people of the society don’t care anymore about the activities of the wards and this brings a lot of destructions to our society. 

We have an insufficient parental upbringing in our society due to the negligence of our parents since our society has altered to something else looking at how morality, decency, uprightness, ethics, virtuousness, rectitude, and other conduct of morality are no way to be found in our society. 

I wonder why our parents and society, in general, failed to understand that those doing illegal, criminal, felonious, and unlawful actions also come from home and families. So with this view, if the family can be able to train their children in very good conduct we may develop a very good society. 

If a family can render successfully in seeing that the first agent of socialisation which is family is being put into the right place surely, we can uplift our society to a greater extent that we will be proud of the society we lived in today. 

Contrary to the issue bedeviling this country try such as banditry, kidnapping, and other felonious issues am with the view that those doing such activities also come from home. So let their families call their attention to tell them the effects of what they do and how it put grief and endanger the lives of thousands almost every day in our society. 

Why not do good actions in our society so that we can leave a very good example to the upcoming generations and let them copy our leads in every good action we do so that we’ll have a better society and change the happenings of the bad activities in our today’s world. 

I so much believed that parents play a vital role in raising a good child so that they will become good Ambassadors in our society but this is before not in my today’s generation because everything has changed. looking at how parents handle the activities of their children now is irritating because tons of parents don’t know how their children survive or run their daily routines. 

A problem to one in a society is a problem to all. So why not come together as one big family or to say one society and give our children very good conduct of morality and parental of upbringing so that we will be proud of them in near future. 

I still believed that we can rectify the menaces happening in our society we can make our society great and better again but we can only do that when there is unity among us and hence give our children good morals and teach them to shun anything contrary to our norms and values. 

Our society will be going to be great again by the grace of the omnipresence, omnipotent God but we can only be great if we have patriotic and good people with love and affection for the society and also people with zeal and passion in seeing that our society come back to its normalcy.

Not only our society even our country Nigeria will be great if we insert good moral conduct to our upcoming generations by applying agents of socialisation which is family as the first agent because your family can train you to be good so that you can be of benefit to the society in general not only your family. 

Lastly, most of us have dreams that Nigeria will be great again by the grace of the omnipresence and our society will be great again so I always caution my fellows to shun vices and be steadfast especially when going through tough times. Also, be strong enough to know that hardship doesn’t last forever, all shall pass. And there is an adage by Desmond Ford that says “ A wise man changes his mind sometimes, but a fool never. To change your mind is the best evidence you have one.”

Muhammad Umar Shehu  08035794769
A student from the Department of Mass Communication, Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi, Bauchi state.

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