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A combined team of Nigerian Soldiers and Nigerian police in collaboration with recruited hoodlums today 8th August 2022 (10th Mu...

A combined team of Nigerian Soldiers and Nigerian police in collaboration with recruited hoodlums today 8th August 2022 (10th Muharram 1444) attacked the annual Ashura procession in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. The Procession took place in over 400 cities and towns in Nigeria along with all concerned Muslims and conscious people around the world. Ashura day is an event that is marked globally to commemorate the inhuman and callous murder of Imam Husain (as) and members of the household of the prophet Muhammad (SAWA) at the plains of Karbala in the year 61H by the armies of Yazid the son of Mu’awiyya.

We as Muslims and disciples of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky annually celebrate the tragic and unfortunate event by having educational sessions that aim at awakening the public towards the massacre of the families of the prophet. This usually is followed by peaceful processions that are willingly attended by people of different faiths and religious inclinations to show solidarity with the predicament of the prophet of Islam.

This year’s procession like many in the past was attacked by the Nigerian security apparatus. So far we have confirmed the martyrdom of seven (7) people that have been killed without any cause or provocation. In fact, the procession has ended peacefully and people were dispersing to their various places when suddenly the tiger-happy (in) security agents came firing at armless citizens who were discharging their religious duties. Indeed those that have attained martyrdom have succeeded because; they will have a reason to present to Allah for being killed because they have identified with the prophet of Allah over what has befallen his pure household. If we are to ask the authorities and their hunting dogs, what have they achieved by this heinous crime? And do they think it will go unchecked and unpunished? Are they ready to stand before Allah as connivers to the enemies that killed the families of His Prophet?

With all the security challenges bedevilling the country, Nigerian security agents can only be seen while attacking innocent and armless civilians. When it comes to confronting the bandits and kidnappers they are weak and devoid of strength and their vehicles cannot move due to one reason or the other.

These attacks and many more to come cannot and will not deter us the least in discharging our religious duties and beliefs. On Allah, we relay and He is our strength.

-Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello
Islamic Movement.

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